Your special wedding at the Costa Blanca

Your special wedding at the Costa Blanca

I get it, you want your wedding to be in the sun, on the beach or at a beautiful chapel and surrounded with palm trees. But it´s expensive to have your wedding on the Maldives or the Bahama´s so there goes the wedding with sun and palm trees. But what if I told you that you can have that magical wedding in Europe? Discover the beautiful region of Valencia below and pick out your favorite spot!



Getting married in the 3rd biggest city in Spain can be beautiful! The possible locations are the cathedral in the city center or at the artes de sciences in the south of the city. Next to the busy city center, Valencia also has an amazing beach where the Hotel Las Arenas is a beautiful location to host your wedding.

Just 2 kilometers north of Valencia you have the boutique hotel la Mozaira, which was a farmhouse in the 17th century, with a beach view. Looking for a location that looks more like a church, then you should check out La Cartuja. It´s located in the medieval town of El Puig and is just 10 km above Valencia. If you want to have more suggestions, feel free to contact me!



It´s bigger than Oliva (described later), but it has similar influences from different kind of regent periods. It´s one of the favorite areas of tourist go to for a reason. There is a castle from the Moorish period of the region of Denia, next to all the other sceneries that the different periods left behind.



Alicante has the charm of being a big city, but also with beautiful sceneries and surroundings. Alicante is the capital of his own province. The harbor of Alicante is astonishing and the city counts many cathedrals and churches.



This is one of the best cities when looking for a beautiful old Spanish town with the easy connection to the bigger Valencia. The town shares the same festivities and has beautiful churches and cathedrals to get married in. next to that it has a astonishing beach.


Balearic Islands

Technically it´s not a part of Valencia, but both Ibiza and Formentera are very close to Valencia and ready for your special day. The weather is a bit more unpredictable than at the Costa Blanca, but nothing beats the white sand and the blue water. Formentera is more quite than his bigger brother Ibiza, but Ibiza has more variety in landscaping and has both quite nature as busy cities.

More up north there also is the beautiful island of Mallorca and his smaller brother Menorca. Both islands are amazing and are used to have tourism

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