What are the costs of a wedding photographer?

What are the costs of a wedding photographer?

Something that you´re obviously wondering when planning your wedding. What do I spend on my wedding photographer? Do I pay him/her by the hour? Where are the costs based on? I can go on, but in this blog I will explain more about the costs of a wedding photographer and which choices you can make to reduce or expand your costs.

Estimate price

First of all, with most of the weddings a photographer costs around 10% of the budget of the wedding. This is just estimation and is not something to always go for. For some people the photographer of their wedding is more important, for others it can be a dress or location. Most weddings cost between 5.000 and 15.000 euros and so most photographers charge between 500 and 1.500 euro. Interested in my prices? You can find <my prices here>. For an exact price, please <contact> me!

Why it´s so “much”

When you hear 1.500 euros, you´re probably thinking that all wedding photographers are rich and why you did not chose this profession. Let me clear the air, we´re not rich. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Equipment is expensive
  • All the appointments that are planned to make sure you have your perfect day are not billed
  • A photographer needs training about new techniques
  • Costs for having a website
  • Administration
  • Transportation
  • Pay taxes like a normal person
  • The editing of photos

And because you need a skilled photographer with good equipment, who has enough batteries and is amazing in editing, you´re paying this amount of money for your special day! Also see my pictures as one of the only investments that last your whole lifetime. You´re not going to wear the dress again, the location is not yours and the drinks are in the toilet next day. So be secure when booking your wedding photographer and don´t cut down on it and take your time picking one.

Types of wedding photographers

Ofcourse there are more types of photographers and it´s possible for the price to be different for all kind of photographers. There is the ´friend of a friend´ which probably will be the cheapest option. Then there is a starting photographer which can be a really good option, because they can be as talented as a really good and experienced photographer but don´t ask the same hourly rate because of their experience. You have your award winning photographers and as last the photographers who have experience and skills, but no awards.

The most important thing is to find someone who you have a connection with. I wrote a blog about finding the right wedding photographer <check it out>!

I hope you now have a clearer picture of the costs that wedding photographers make to make your day as special as possible. If you still have questions, always feel free to contact me!

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