The wedding photographer in Valencia

The wedding photographer in Valencia.

You chose to get married in the province or city of Valencia, which is a great choice! Valencia has the best climate of Spain so there are a lot of possibilities when wanting to get married in Valencia. Next to choosing a location, arranging music and food there always is the difficult part of selecting a wedding photographer. Please let me explain what makes me your perfect wedding photographer in Valencia!


  1. All-round wedding photographer in Valencia

With my all-round photography experience I really have developed my skills. Recognizing genuine situations, to make the best of your special day. Next to portrait wedding photography after and before a wedding, I will make pictures of different situations during the wedding by blending in with the crowd. Just take a look at <my portfolio> to see what I have done before. With my own style of taking photos I will have the best photos of every situation of your wedding in Valencia.


  1. Different languages

Most of the wedding photographers in Valencia or Spain speak a little bit of English or no English at all. With my fluent level of Spanish and English I can correspond with you and with the locals in Spain. Besides speaking fluent English I am already in Spain, so no need to take your wedding photographer with you to Valencia!


  1. Knowing the best spots in and around Valencia

Nowadays traveling is a part of being young, I also did my travelling. Because I am living in Spain for many years now I know the area of Valencia and other provinces. So next to the photography I can also give you advice if you give me your wishes. So if you have not found your perfect spot yet, just contact me! For me it´s also possible to travel to another province of Spain to make photos of your special day.


  1. Services with taken photos

Next to taking the pictures I have a wide arrangement of services that I can provide. Next to editing the pictures and selecting the best pictures for you, it´s also possible to make a short video to share with your friends or to make an album with the most beautiful photos made in Valencia.


  1. The climate

Okay, not one of my special skills. But did I mention about the 300 days of sun every year in Valencia? And what about the beautiful palm trees and the beach? Yes, Valencia is definitely the best city to get married in. So if I can´t convince you, let the city convince you.

Do you want to have contact about the possibilities? Please contact me!

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