3 Things you should think of before booking a wedding photographer

3 Things you should think of before booking a wedding photographer

It´s the most special day of your live, your wedding! I understand it can be difficult selecting the photographer, because you´re trusting him with making memories to show your children and grandchildren. What are things to watch when selecting the photographer you´re having a connection with? Read on to find out!

  1. Style

There are many wedding photographers on the planet and while searching for one I understand that eventually they all look the same. What could help is save the most beautiful pictures or pin them on Pinterest, which could help with selecting.

Remember that there are different kinds of styles. Are you looking for a photographer that blends in, gives tips to pose or are you just looking for portrait photo´s at different moments of the wedding. A lot of stuff to discuss with your partner, but this will help you with selecting more thoroughly and eventually come to a few/one favorite.

  1. Price

Wedding photographers are not cheap, but that has his reasons. When you´re selecting a budget, keep in mind that the photographer mostly takes between 8 and 10% of your budget. The price of a wedding photographer is based on various aspects that they have. The price is based on experience, the number of weddings that they have worked on, the number of pictures they Photoshop, if you´re getting an album and the time you´re willing to wait for the photos.

There are also photographers who will charge you after the wedding for more costs, such as travel expenses, album costs, more hours than planned, etc. Make strict plans about the price with your wedding photographer to avoid such costs.

So it´s not just only experience that selects the pricing of a wedding photographer. If you´re curious about my prices, feel free to <contact me> about my pricing without obligation to book! If you´re interested in seeing my magic, check out my <portfolio>.

  1. Questions, questions and questions

You want your special day to be recorded perfectly. But what´s perfect for you may not be perfect for your partner or according to your wedding photographer. Feel free to ask me as many as possible. With my experience I know a lot of “standard” questions and I have a unique style to make your day perfect, but if you have wishes or questions I´m willing to adapt.

Every wedding photographer is there to help you and make your day as special as possible, but a wedding photographer is not a dog sniffing for drugs. There are things you´re thinking of he can´t possibly know so make sure everything is clear before your special day! He will think with you and recognize sceneries to make beautiful perfect pictures with, but maybe you think of something different. You can accept the situation and not ask it, but if you have a question or suggestion, please <ask me> (hyperlink to contact)!

I hope this blog has helped you with narrowing things down and selecting your favorite wedding photographer. Are you interested in my services, want to see <more of me> (portfolio hyperlink) or do you have any questions, for example about pricing? Feel free to <contact> me!

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